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Ed Zhang

Founder and Managing Partner

My Story

Thank you for taking the time to learn my story. It is my hope that as you get to know more about who I am, you will begin to better understand how my values and experiences fit into your business

Beginning of an American Dream

I was born the only child of immigrants - when I was young, our family left China to pursue a better life in North America. I spent my childhood in a small town outside of Toronto before our family moved again to Texas, where I would spend my high school, college, and early professional years. My experience living in these different places not only showed me how big the world was, but taught me the importance of family values, building community, and hard work. My parents left their homeland to pursue the American Dream and to provide me with a better life - a dream that continues with me today.

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Entrepreneurial Roots

My first taste of entrepreneurship came during recess in third grade, when I began to sell pieces of gum and candy given to me by my mom to my fellow classmates. From there, I graduated to working the ice cream bar in our family's convenience store after class and on weekends when I was in high school. Though I didn't appreciate it then, these experiences taught me valuable lessons on the hard work and sacrifice needed to successfully run your own  business, as well as the unique satisfaction and reward of earning your own keep.

Building a Foundation

While I knew that I wanted to eventually run my own business, I also knew that I lacked both knowledge and training in the world of business. So upon graduation from the University of Texas and began to develop my career - first in management consulting, then in private equity investing. During my time as an investor, I specialized in working with founder owned companies in the lower middle-market, and working hand in hand with business owners and leaders to drive the next stage of growth. I obtained my MBA from The Wharton School to further deepen my business knowledge and continue on my path to becoming an entrepreneur. Now, with these experiences in hand, I am ready to embark on the next stage of my journey.


Personal Passions

 I love all things outdoors - and I am an avid hiker, skier, scuba diver, and aspiring sailor - and I am fortunate to live in a place that allows me to do the activities i am passionate about. When I am not engaged in some activity, you can typically find me sitting on a bench outside, reading a long novel, or spending my evenings with friends exploring new restaurants

Prior Experience and Education

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